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Turmeric – a true anti-inflammatory

This week I am talking all about Turmeric and why you should be getting this vibrant super-spice into your diet (and why my Golden Beauty Tonic is one of the best ways to do this!).

Golden Beauty Tonic

Turmeric, known in India as “holy powder”, has an impressive and extensive list of health benefits. But did you know that turmeric needs to be boosted with certain co-factors in order for it to do its magical anti-inflammatory work in your body?

Thats why I’ve customized my Golden Beauty Tonic so you reap all the goodness from this amazing spice. I often recommend this drink to my clients who need something a little sweet in the evening. It is so incredibly comforting and delicious and creamy, a must try! Check it out here.

So don’t drop your hard earned money on pretty yellow bottles of expensive turmeric drinks that don’t include the co-factors listed below, as you simply won’t get the wonderfully juicy systemic benefits!

The Wonder Of Turmeric

How do you enhance absorption

A note on supplements

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