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Healthy Christmas Survival Guide

I’ve heard from a few clients recently who have been doing so well with their healthy goals but are feeling the dread over-indulging at Christmas looming over them. If this is the case for you too, read on! I have some great tips for you.

Did you know the average person eats more than 3 days worth of food on Christmas day!? Ok, firstly, don’t freak out. It’s ok not to treat yourself to a mince pie and a glass of your poison of choice – you don’t want to feel deprived after all.

Remember, Christmas is about spending time with those you love, being grateful for the little things and celebrating your religion or spirituality. Of course good food and fine wine also factors into it, but we do tend to go a little OTT and many of us feel like we’ve wasted all our good efforts for the last few months on a couple of days over-indugling.

Here are my top tips for navigating the holidays, all the while having your cake and eating it!

Eat before you go out

If you have a Christmas party to attend or something similar where you suspect there will be copious amounts of sausage rolls, then try to eat something healthy before you go so you are not ravishing and eating everything in sight (We’ve all been there). If you do arrive hungry, simply scan the buffet for colourful plates and avoid the beige stuff (pastries, sandwiches, crisps etc.).

And remember, if you trying to maintain your weight a lot of snacking often happens before the big meal, adding a load of calories and fat. Try resisting snacking and stick as much as you can to 2 or 3 meals a day.

Keep well hydrated

Portion Control

Show off!

Don't have seconds

Get outside

Tis' the season to eat, drink & be merry!

Remember your why

Let go of guilt around food

Most importantly have a beautiful Christmas where-ever you may be and whom-ever you may spend it with. I hope it is filled with love and festive joy!

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