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Detoxing: The Why, the What and the How.

Detox 101 (The why, the what and the how)

t can be argued that your overall health can largely be determined by the ability of your body to detoxify itself. Dry, blotchy and pimply skin, headaches, fatigue, stubborn weight, allergies, digestive issues and generally feeling under the weather are all signs that you may need to press the ‘reset’ button.

But don’t worry – if the idea of a detox sounds intimidating, just remember it’s really just about getting back to basics: nourishing your body with clean foods, giving your digestion a breather and stimulating the parts of your body responsible for cleansing and eliminating.

Why Detox?

What should you eat on a detox?

What should you avoid?

What about exercise?

What supplements should you take?

Happy detoxing!

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