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5 Foods to Boost your Immune system!

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Your immune system is one of the most valuable things you have – and it’s not just for warding off the sniffles and sneezes. It consists of an army of cells that work hard every single day to protect your body from all types of bacterial infections, viruses, food poisoning, autoimmune conditions and even cancer. Immune system warriors need good, regular nourishment and these foods play a vital role in helping our immune system to cope with daily attacks on it…


Brazil nuts

These nuts are a true immunity super-food as they contain good levels of both selenium and vitamin E, both of which are vital for a normal antibody response – a vital process that identifies and neutralizes pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Unfortunately British soil is very low in selenium, therefore produce grown in it is also low in this mineral. If you have a weak immune system, ensure you are taking a good quality multi-vitamin that contains selenium.

Red peppers

Sweet potatoes


Pumpkin Seeds

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