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In-depth consultation

Ideal for those who feel they could just do with a one-off consultation to check over their health goals and concerns. Perhaps you are a vegan or vegetarian who wants to ensure they are getting enough nutrients and would like a diet overview. 

8 week program

Ideal for those who need a little bit more support and guidance in their health quest. Perhaps you have a hormonal imbalance, fertility concerns, weight loss goals or suffer from fatigue or immune issues. Over the course of 3 consultations I will guide you back to health, and I am there for you via whatsapp and email to support you all the way – for 8 weeks! 

Tailored meal plans

Beautiful bespoke meal plans – just for you! Whether you’ve got a weight loss goal, want to boost your immunity, want to try the FODMAP or a gluten free diet, or even reduce the risk of cancer – these are for you! 

“Apart from being a fantastic nutritionist, Rose is particularly amazing when it comes to vegan health and diet. I've been vegan for over three years for ethical reasons and have always found it difficult to know how to get all the vitamins I need, but Rose was a huge help.

She helped me sort my nutrition out before I ran the London Marathon too, so in the run up to and on race day I felt incredible and full of energy. I would recommend her in a heartbeat."

- Ash Nagesh, Journalist

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