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One-off consultation  - 90 minutes

Ideal for those who feel they could just do with a one-off consultation to check over their health goals and concerns.  Perhaps you are vegan, vegetarian or plant-based, and want to ensure they are getting enough nutrients and would like a diet overview. 

Sessions can be on-line or in-person at my clinic in Dulwich, London. 

Send me a message now to enquire about prices and booking procedures

A full nutritional and lifestyle assessment, which looks at everything impacting your health, macronutrients (fat, protein and carbs), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), lifestyle factors (e.g. stress and exercise).

Personalised and evidence based supplement recommendations - with 10% with trusted suppliers

Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation if applicable

A full detailed report with everything we've covered will be sent after the consultation

Plenty of educational handouts and resources. 

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Ready to get started? I'd love to help you get back to health!

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