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Rose Glover - Plant Based Nutritionist

Rose Glover


“Hi, I’m Rose, a nutritionist who helps vegans, vegetarians and anyone on a plant-based diet feel and look their best through personalised nutrition and functional medicine” 


What to Expect

Expert in plant nutrition 

​I have in-depth knowledge of plant-based nutrition. I've been vegan myself for over 25 years, and this is my area of expertise.  

You and your uniqueness are at the centre of your healing journey. We will work together as a team to bring you back to feeling like yourself again. 

Tailored for you

I understand how important it is to work within the framework of your own diet -and I will never suggest that you change your values in order to achieve wellness.


It is entirely possible to overcome your illness and remain vegan, vegetarian or plant-based, no matter what health concern you have or what life-stage you are at. 

Holistic Approach

As well as an in-depth consideration of your nutritional needs, we will also look at your lifestyle, genetics, pathogenic triggers (such as bacteria or viruses), life challenges, stress management, sleep and exercise/movement, spiritual, emotional and mental fulfilment.

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