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Personalised Vegan Nutrition Program (4 Weeks) 

Are you a vegan or vegetarian?


Do you feel bloated, ‘hormonal’, no energy, or just feeling a bit ‘meh'. 


Or perhaps you want to be vegan but no idea where to start?

Are you worried about getting enough nutrients to thrive? 

Let me help you with personalised nutritional therapy. I've been vegan for over 20 years and I'm a registered nutritionist and expert in plant-based diets - so it safe to say I have your back! 

I created this course because this is what i needed years ago - when I was a passionate vegan, but completely clueless about nutrition, and felt pretty rubbish as a result- both physically and mentally. I want to be your educator, cheerleader and guide so you can feel and look great!

1-2-1 Consultations

4 consultations with me (3 x 60 mins, 1 x 30 mins) over 4 weeks

These can be face to face (in London) or via Zoom (worldwide)

Tailored Meal Plans

1 x 7 day tailored meal plan with nutritional breakdowns, shopping lists and photos - all tailored to your health goals, likes and dislikes




Whatsapp support and guidance between sessions (I love to send ideas and recipes in between sessions, and LOVE to receive food pic’s and nutrition questions back!)

Bespoke and Holistic 

This package includes a comprehensive family and medical history, 3-day food diary assessment and a bespoke nutrition , lifestyle and supplement plan

This program is specifically for vegans or vegetarians who need a crash course in a healthy vegan diet tailored to them. If you have any health concerns that require more in-depth support (fertility, weight loss, female hormonal issues like PCOS or endometriosis, I would recommend the 8 week program. Enquire now for to set up a free clarity call to discuss what is best for you


This program is 100% tailored you and your unique goals, concerns, health status and current diet.


I work meticulously with you to ensure that after 4 weeks you are armed with all the nutrition information you need to make informed food choices that will serve your health and wellbeing both now and in the long run. 

Areas that may be covered include (this depends on your goals or concerns)


  • how to balance your blood sugar levels effectively and easily 

  • how to make sure your meals are balanced and cover all macro and micro nutrients needed for optimum health 

  • what nutrients you need for hormonal balance  - specific to any issues you may have

  • workout nutrition

  • assessment to see what micronutrients may be deficient and easy ways to rectify this

  • a complete assessment of gut health (health starts in the gut!)

  • how you can manage and/or maintain or lose weight 

  • numerous discussions on specific meal and snack ideas to fit your lifestyle, including a tailored meal plan

  • may recommend targeted supplements or functional testing if needed

  • All this information will be sent in a report and easy to follow action plan after each consultation, along with handouts and brand recommendations 

Free Clarity call 

I'd love to hear from you  if you are considering starting this program. Just email me by clicking below and provide your contact details and I'll be in touch to talk it through with you and answer any questions you may have. Or if you are ready to start - click below and lets get you booked in!

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I’ve been a vegetarian for 35 years, a vegan for 20 years, and a qualified nutritionist for nearly a decade. Here’s my story. 


Apparently, at age 3 I was a right determined little thing, and I declared to the world that I was in fact a vegetarian, and no one could tell me otherwise (Sorry, mum). It was 1987 in rural Ireland, we were surrounded by farms and animal agriculture, so as you can imagine the word ‘vegetarian’ was a little bit like slander. Still, I stuck to my guns and stayed vegetarian until I was about 13, when I became vegan.


Cut to years later, into puberty and young adulthood, and unfortunately I was suffering from all sorts of health concerns - I had adult acne, no energy, anxiety and I was so bloated that I looked 6 months pregnant. I also had such bad PMT and period pain that I would pass out or vomit (sorry, tmi!). But every woman has awful period pain, right? (Spolier alert - wrong!).


Something had to change  - so, lonf story short, I took it upon myself to geek up on every nutrition book going and I became passionate and determined to make my diet work for me - and it did! 

So much so that at age 25 I decided to enrol back into university for the second time to study nutrition and health at a scientific level. Needless to say, the rest is history. I set up my practice 9 years ago after I graduated with a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Nutritional Therapy, and since then I’ve guided hundreds of vegans and vegetarians back to health. 


I truly believe with all my heart that this is my purpose - to help those on a plant-based feel and look their best. I want to help you know they CAN feel amazing on this lifestyle, you just need to know HOW! That’s what I am here for - let me help you!



Happy Clients

Contacting you was one of the best decisions I have made .... I'm in shock about much better I am feeling - thank you! 


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