I run one-to one consultations from different clinics in London, details below. Skype consultations also available.

Gift certificates available for all services (please contact me for enquires)

Health Hub London, 282 Milkwood Road, Herne Hill, London SE24 0EZ

Initial Consultation (75-90 min): £110

Follow up Consultation (45 -60 min): £80

Wellness Package: £170, see below for more details.

Wellness Package Plus (Most popular): £250, see below for more details.

Food Doctor Clinic, 13 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QG

Initial Consultation (75-90 mins): £145

Follow up Consultation (45 -60 mins): £110

Wellness Package: £235. See Below for more details.

Wellness Package Plus: £300. See Below for more details.

SP& Co, 3 Jubilee Place, Chelsea, London.

I also see clients from SP& Co, a private wellness centre in Chelsea, London at £190 per hour (SP&CO members only).

Consultation Options

In the Wellness Package you will receive:

- 2 one-to-one consultations: The initial consultation (90 mins) a follow up (45 -60 mins).

- 2 personalised reports (sent after each session) with your ‘Plan of Action’ until the next time we meet (In this report I also like to include lots of tips such as the brands I like, supplement suggestions, explanations of what we have covered, and future priorities).

- Email support from me in-between consultations

- Functional laboratory testing and supplemental advice, if necessary (tests and supplements sold separately)

In the Wellness Package Plus, you will receive:

- All of the above, plus...

- An extra 15-30 minute follow up (this last follow up is via phone and is a great way to check in and be kept accountable, get any last questions or concerns answered and adapt any protocols, if necessary).

- A personalized 7 day meal plan with tons of recipes, meal and snack ideas tailored specifically to you (usual price £120).

Contact me to enquire about booking a consultation or a wellness package.

Skype Consultations

Skype Consultation (1 hour - available only to those outside of London, UK): £100

Skype Follow – Up (45 minutes): £75

Skype Follow – Up (1/2 hour): £50

Menu Plans:

In my one-to-one consultations I will give you meal and snack ideas that are tailored toward your health concern or goal. However, I also offer a bespoke menu plan, which is extremely useful in collating all the dietary protocols from your nutritional therapy sessions into one simple menu plan for your reference. You can purchase this service without having a consultation (conducted via email). This is ideal if you have dietary restrictions or health concern/goal and would like a food plan.

3 day bespoke menu plan: £60

7 day bespoke menu plan: £120